Energy Saving Pumps

These pumps have multiple speed settings, which enable the pump to be more efficient in its energy usage.

Known as multiple or variable speed pumps, they can be set to different speeds according to how quickly you would like to pump water through the filter, thus saving energy and reducing running costs. Conventional pool pumps are limited to one set speed. A pool pump is usually sized to cater for the pool's maximum water flow requirements, which may either be the sand filter's backwash water flow or to provide sufficient water flow to operate a suction cleaner.

As the speed of a conventional pump cannot be changed, the same maximum water flow is applied across the pool's various requirements.

As a pool's filtration cycle occupies 99% of the run time of a pool pump, you can operate the energy saving multispeed pump on its low speed setting for a majority of its running time, leading to significant energy savings. Approx. $600.00 - $800.00 per annum. Higher speeds can be triggered to provide adequate flow for ancillary equipment, such as providing sufficient flow of water to operate a suction cleaner.

Astral Viron P320 Pool Pump

How much power does your current pool pump use? If it is older than 2 years, it's a safe bet it is a standard single speed pool pump. The Viron EVO P320 gives you the flexibility of both power and economy.

Most standard pool pumps use between 750 - 1500 watts of electrical energy per hour. In real terms, the pool pump is one of the top power users in the home environment. The new Viron P320 from Astral Pool Products is here to change the game and the way we think about pool pumps and power usage in relation to swimming pools.

Changing the speed of the Viron P320 Pump corresponds with a proportional change in the flow rate that the pump produces, as such if you halve the speed of the pump then the flow rate will be halved. However, when you decrease the speed of the motor the electrical requirements of the pump reduces by a far more significant amount, thus when you halve the speed of the pump the electricity consumption of the pump is reduced by more than 85%.

Features & Benefits

  • 8 Star Energy Rating.
  • Save approx.. $600.00 - $8900.00 per annum on operating costs.
  • Save over $5,586.00 on energy costs over the life of the pump.
  • Whisper quiet operation.
  • Easy Lock lid
  • Variable speed setting
  • 3 Preset speed settings
  • Plumbing unions to suit 40 and 50mm
  • 3 Years Limited Warranty

To get a great price on a Viron P320 Contact Cool Pool Care 0411 383 824

VIRON Evo P320 Pool Pump

Noise levels are also greatly reduced by the selection of the correct speed which enables the pump to operate in the early morning or late evening. It can even take advantage of off-peak electricity rates, giving the potential to reduce operating costs by as much as 90%.

The Viron P320 pump is ideal for new or existing pools that encounter a leafy or heavy debris load. The large hair and lint basket reduces the frequency of emptying and the amount of maintenance with which you need to attend.

When installed by Cool Pool Care – an Astral Pool Advantage + Licensed Dealer, the speed of your new Viron pump will be correctly adjusted to ensure you receive the very best energy savings as possible while keeping your pool crystal clean.