Pool Heating

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps use the latest generation in technology which work by extracting heat from the air similar to a reverse-cycle air conditioner.
With numerous cost-effective pool heating options now available, it's never been easier to extend your swim season and enjoy your pool all-year round.

A swimming pool is a major financial investment, and we want you to get the most for your dollar outlay.
For optimum swimming enjoyment a swimming pool heat pump will help maintain a comfortable resort temperature in your pool 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year.

Benefits of Electric or Gas Pool Heating

  • Will heat pool 12 months regardless of weather conditions
  • Current ranges more energy effecient
  • Fast Install, can be located anywhere
  • Automatic temperature control
  • 7 – 10 year life expectancy

By utilizing energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies we can have you swimming more in no time.

Featured Pool Heaters

Electric Heat Pumps

Heating your swimming pool is the best way to enjoy the swimming season all year round. But you may not have access to Natural Gas to heat your pool. Heat Pumps are designed to heat your pool in a cost effective way without using gas.

AstralPool Heat Pump

The AstralPool Heat Pump extracts the latent heat that exists in the atmosphere around us and delivers its direction into the swimming pool water.

Commercial Heat Pumps

Vheat series are designed to cope with the demands of the modern aquatic facility, no matter how large or small. A properly heated swimming pool enables the whole family to get the most use of large investment in your family pool.

Our range of ground breaking gas heaters offer economical heating that enable cost effective "on demand" heating. In other words, heat the pool when in use and turn it off when commitments take you elsewhere.

Gas Heaters

Heating your swimming pool is the best way to enjoy the swimming season all year round. With a number of cost effective options available your family will be swimming for longer.

Viron eVo Gas Heater

The Viron Gas Heater uses revolutionary technology to heat your pool quickly and accurately to the temperature you select.

HX Heater

The HX gas pool and spa heater is the most low cost solution available in two sizes to meet your heating requirements.